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Friday, September 24, 2010

Am - Been - Going - My Family Tree

So recently I had sprained my ankle and ended up with a lot of time to sit around.  While I'd rather balance my time between family, household, gardening, volunteering, and my genealogy hobby, my blog certainly received a lot of attention one weekend.  I have many posts in the works coming up.  Most of the posts revolve around the Newport, New York Area and my Maxwell's.

I am still holding out on the State of New York to send me information about my other family lines.  I have ordered marriage certificates.  It is amazing to me that they have at least a 5 month backlog or more.  I am hoping to see some information around the beginning of November 2010.  The McGuire's, Hickey's, Coughlin's, and Romaine's are awaiting a great find.  I know that information must be out there.  Personally, I have hit the proverbial brick wall for those family lines.  

Currently, I have the Flanagan Family Tree information on hold from my posts.  I am trying to balance research on my other family lines and also stick closely with protecting the living family within that line.  There are several researchers who I'd really like to mention here but will keep their identities and locations private.  There is a plethora of information available for this family line and I may only have about half of it in my hands at this point.

Ireland is certainly calling my name, especially since I have researched some of my lines back to specific locations in Counties Louth, Meath, and Longford.  I have some speculation about where two of my other lines may originate in County Monaghan.  I have not really dug in too much but will review my full information soon.  I could probably make a trip to Ireland and just cut a path through its midpoint to find my family origins from Louth to Meath to Longford to Monaghan to Fermanagh to Limerick and Clare. 

Where else might my relatives be from in Ireland?  Well, there is that draft registration card where Patrick Hickey noted that he was from Tipperary.  My question would be, is that the correct Patrick Hickey?  He was baptized in Whitegate, Co. Clare near the Tipperary border in the late 1800s.  I do have that information.

I will also admit that Romaine is not an Irish name yet it is so closely attached to my McGuire line.  In fact, my great grandmother Mary Romaine was probably half Dutch and half Irish.  I wonder what her mother's maiden name was since Romaine is a Dutch name (as rumor has it in the family).

Being one quarter German does not mean I don't pay any attention to those family members.  In fact, that line is the family that I grew up with.  I have other family members working on Vienop and Borchers to the extent that I have worked on Flanagan, McLaughlin, and Maxwell.  They may even be a little further along in Germany than I am in Ireland.  I can't wait to carve out some time to review that information.  I do want to go to Germany someday and visit the Vienop's hometown.

I guess this email has proven to be a quick update as to where I am, where I've been, and where I'm going with my genealogy research.

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