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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Children of Thomas McLaughlin and Ellen Maxwell

Where did they all go?  My Grandpa, Richard J. Flanagan, used to say that his McLaughlin relatives had all left Napa, California years ago.  I do think that is a true statement.  Even my great-grandmother, Mary Elizabeth "Minnie" McLaughlin left Napa.  She moved to Monterey County to live with her daughter, Kay, after Jack passed away.  I can briefly trace the movements that I know off for this children and indicate questions where I don't know what happened.  I suspect that many of their children stuck around Northern California.  They had just all left Napa.

1.  Mary Elizabeth McLaughlin - Minnie Flanagan:
                                b.  Austin, Nevada, 17 May 1870
                                m. Napa, CA, to Jack Flanagan 1 Sep 1904
                                d.  Carmel,California, 12 Jun 1949
                               -Lived in Austin/Grass Valley, NV until 1886
                               -Lived in Napa, CA from 1886 to around 1936
                               -Lived in Monterey County, CA from 1936 to 1949
                               -Buried at Tulocay Cemetery, Napa, CA
                                              - Flanagan Plot  
2.  Ellen M. McLaughlin - Ellen Heflin:
                               b. Austin, Nevada, 5 Oct 1872
                               m. Napa, CA, to Albert Bluford Heflin, 10 Nov 1892
                               d. San Francisco, CA around 1938
                               -Lived in Austin/Grass Valley, NV until 1886
                               -Lived in Napa, CA from 1886 and at least until 1892
                               -Based on what I can find, she may have moved back to
                                 Napa from San Francisco but ended up in San Fran.

3.  Catherine W. McLaughlin - Katie McLaughlin:
                                b.  Austin, Nevada, 10 Dec 1874
                                m. Never married or had children
                                d.  Napa, CA, Dec 1925
                                -Lived in Austin/Grass Valley, NV until 1886
                                -Lived in Napa, CA from 1886 until 1925
                                -Buried at Tulocay Cemetery, Napa, CA
                                    - unmarked grave next to her parents
                                        near marked grave of Julia Lorenz

4.  Joseph Maxwell McLaughlin:
                                 b. Austin, Nevada, 19 May 1877
                                 m. Henrietta Trailer
                                 d. Vacaville, CA
                                 -Lived in Austin/Grass Valley, NV until 1886
                                 -Lived part of his childhood and teens in Napa

5. Anna Agnes McLaughlin - Anna Lewis:
                                 b. Austin, Nevada, 25 Aug 1879
                                 m. Napa, CA to John James Lewis, 1909
                                 d.  Dunmuir, CA, Feb 1930
                                 -Lived in Austin/Grass Valley, NV until 1886
                                 -Lived in Siskiyou County, CA by 1910
                                 -Lived in Sacramento, CA by 1920
6. Thomas Shaffrey McLaughlin:
                                 b. Austin, Nevada, 20 Jan 1882
                                 m. Alice M. Loney
                                 d. Mendocino, CA 21 Mar 1955 
                                 -Lived in Austin/Grass Vallley, NV until 1886
                                 -Lived in Napa during 1910 and 1920 Census

7. Hugh Robert McLaughlin:
                                b. Napa, CA 17 Apr 1886
                                m. Emma Louise Kerns in Yountville, CA in 1906
                                d. Fresno, CA 8 Oct 1952
                                -Lived in Napa for a while but by 1910 and 1920 have
                                  him living in Sacramento County
                                -By 1930, living in Fresno County

Except for Catherine, all of these McLaughlin siblings were married and had children.  I believe many of the children also lived in Northern California.  If any of the descendants of this line would like to share information about their ancestors, feel free to email me at  I do have some additional information for this family unit.

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