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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Privacy for Living Individuals

Just as dictates, I try to follow their lead when it comes to privacy of living individuals.  Revisiting this subject every so often within my blog can give the readers and other relatives confidence that the intent here is not to reveal a living individual's personal information.  I can even honor the fact that some may not want any unflattering information written out about those who have passed away.  I will admit that some of what others may consider unflattering can really demonstrate who the person was and their character.  It can also explain why their lives went in the direction they did.

I have not received any feedback on this subject from anyone that I've connected with but I wanted to address any concerns that anyone may have about privacy.  I leave this blog in a public status because it gives all of us the ability to network and find other relatives.  It acts as a repository of our family genealogy including some family tree information but also some history that links the families together. 

My invitation still stands for any authors who would like to include an article on my blog.  I have one taker whose article will post tomorrow!

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