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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Joseph Patrick Maxwell and Family - Part 2

Ellen Maxwell Flanagan was my Great Aunt.  She was the sister of my grandfather, Richard Joseph Flanagan.  She never married or had children.  I do want to write a bio about her someday but I don't know a whole lot of information about her.  She was born and raised in Napa, CA and lived in Monterey County near her sister, Kay, for a large part of her life. 

The reason why I bring her up here is because one of her hobbies was our family tree.  I'm not sure if she spent time working on our Flanagan Family Tree but she certainly researched our McLaughlin's and Maxwell's.  I have letters and correspondence starting as early as 1978.  The letter that I am about to finish transcribing was written by her to a Duffy cousin.  So how did that letter circle back around to my grandfather in the 1990s after Ellen had already passed away?

The Duffy's still have family living in Napa, CA.  At least they did.  I do know that a descendant still lives out on Big Ranch Road.  The Duffy's are Maxwell cousins because Catherine Maxwell, who was married to Philip Duffy, was Ellen Maxwell's sister.  The Malloy family of Napa are Duffy grandchildren.  They provided information to my grandfather.  I wonder if it surprised him to see copies of letters that his sister had written to them.  Anyway, some of Ellen's letters live on in my box of treasures.

Ellen's letter of February 15, 1978 continued.....

While I remember your Grandfather Duffy from my childhood days, I knew nothing of his early pioneering nor did I know that your Grandparents were married in Austin.  Thank you for sharing.

Due to the dates and places contained in your letter, I believe that there is a possiblity that Philip Duffy and Thomas McLaughlin knew each other in their early youth.

Enclosed is proof that your Grandfather could write - copy of an 1886 letter from Reese or Rien River Ranch.  Pages 1 and 2 are written to my Mother, nicknamed Minnie.  Pages 3 and 4 to Friend Tom, my Grandfather McLaughlin.  Reference to "this devilish law suit" may be of interest.

I will have to see if I have the letter that refers to the "devilish law suit".  I'm not entirely sure that I have that.

To be continued..............

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