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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

McLaughlin Maxwell Duffy - Roman Catholic Church Records - Nevada - Part 2

A funny thing happens when people review a source document.  If they know more information, the desire is there to correct any errors.  The second Battle Mountain church record that I have contains mainly information for the Duffy's.  In fact, both documents appear to have been retrieved by a Malloy who later passed on copies to my Grandfather, Richard J. Flanagan of Napa, CA.  

In fact, a Malloy (Duffy/Maxwell grandchild) wrote notes on the page to correct some information.  The second paragraph in this document is confusing.  I am not sure who Joseph McLaughlin is.  I have two on my family tree and two other McLaughlin's with the middle name as Joseph.  I may need to revisit this again.  Maybe another researcher can tell me who he was and how he is connected to our line.  He died at the age of 63 in 1894 in Nevada.  He may or may not be related to my McLaughlin's.

Below is the document.  I find one of the notes very interesting - "note:  Most entries were in Latin and are only translated except for the funeral entries which are verbatim in English from English."  My question would be, "Do people's names read differently in Latin?"  Anyway, back to the document:

To view larger, increase the size of your internet window in the bottom right hand corner to 150% or more.

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