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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pioneer Catholics - Newport, New York - St. Patrick's

The above pages are from the book "History of the Roman Catholic Churches of the Kuyahoora Valley".   

Several of my ancestors were pioneering Catholics in this area - Newport, New York's Irish Settlement.   They brought their Irish heritage with them and their Roman Catholic religion.   The book mentions several people on my family tree including my G4 Grandfather - Michael McLaughlin, my G4 Grandfather - James Gartlan/Gartland, my G4 Uncle - Thomas Fox, G3 Uncle - Thomas McLaughlin, and G4 Uncle - Patrick McLaughlin.  Others listed include Michael Mahardy who was the husband of Bridget McLaughlin.  I recognize other surnames indicated on this page as common place in historical information that I've read about the area in and around Newport, New York.


  1. I am so happy to find this blog. I have been trying to find information on John McMahon from Newport, New York. John was born in Ireland in 1800. He married Bridget Dillon in 1833. They had eight children all born in Herkimer County. They lived in Herkimer County until 1849 when they bought property in Franklinville, Cattaragus, New York.

    John is my wife's 2x great grandfather. Last month we traveled to New York and found the deed to the Franklinville property. The deed said the John McMahon was formerly from Newport, Herkimer, New York. We traveled to Newport, found the Old St. Patrick's Cemetery and spoke with the Town Historian. We were not able to find anything regarding John.

    We would like to know what county he was from, the time and circumstances of his emigration from Ireland. We know from Bridget Dillon's obituary that she was born in Dublin in 1815 and emigrated in 1820.

    If you have any information or source you could direct me to it would be great.

    Chris Ellis

  2. Thanks for posting.....I am sending you an email.