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Thursday, November 11, 2010

McLaughlin Origins - Part 1

My interest in heraldry information has waned a bit.  I am more interested in reviewing the origins of my various family surnames.  Sometimes the brief heraldry information is all that I can find.  For my McLaughlin surname, I seemed to have found more than the typical paragraph or two.  I found a 30 page document online.  It contains a lot of names but does have some interesting information.  Could this be the line from which my McLaughlin's descend?

The Donegal McLaughlin's based their surname on an ancestor named Lochlan who lived about 1020 A.D.  His grandson was Domnall MacLochlainn, the high kind of Ireland who died in 1121 A.D.  Domnall is found in the "Annals of Ireland"  under the names Domnall Ua Lochlan and Domnall Ua Neill.  The origins may be Norse.

In 1260 A.D. Ireland, there was the Battle of Druim-dearg, near Downpatrick.  The O'Neill's and O'Connor's were fighting the English in the northern part of the country.  Many Irish chieftans were slain during this battle including Dermot MacLoughlin.

I find the census information from the 1600s to be very interesting, although, I need to get a map out and see where all of these places are.

1659 Census of Ireland
Incidence of Surname

Inishowen Barony:
McLaughlin  63
McGlaghlan  76

Barony of Bolagh and Bonah:
McGlaghlin  14

McLaughlin  4

Barony of Terkerin:
McLaughlin   19

Barony of Kenaght:
McLaughlin  30

Antrim County:
McGloughlen  13

Westmeath County
Barony of Clonlonan:
McLaughlin  10
Barony of Moygoishe:
Loughlin  7

Kings County
Barony of Garriecastle:
Terence Melaghline
Barony of Phillipstowne:
Richard Loughlin

Leitrim County
Barony of Drumaheir and Rosclogeer:
McLoghlen 32

Roscommon County
Barony of Boyle:
McLaghlin 08
Barony of Moycarnan:
MacLoughlin 05
Barony of Ballentabber:

O'Melaghlin 11

Sligo County
Barony of Tyreragh:
McGillaghlen 03
Loghlin 06
Barony of Tyrerell:
McLoghln 15
Barony of Culavin and Tiregh:
McGillaghlen 06
Loghlin 06

Wexford County
Barony of Shelbyrne:
Loughnan 08

Kilkenny County
Barony of Gawran:
McLoghlin 11
Loghman 06

Limerick County
Barony of Owny:
McLoghlen 05

County Clare
Barony of Burren:
McLoghlen 07
O'Loghlen 06
Barony of Tulla:
McLoghlen 12

Barony of Bunratty:
Mcloghlin 10

Tipperary County
Barony of Clanwilliam:
McLoghlin 11
Baronies of Eliogurty and Ikerim:
Loghlen and Meloghlen 10
Barony of Iffay and Offay:
McLoghlen and Meloghlen 10

Longford County
Barony of Ardagh:
McLaughlin 15

Louth County
Barony of Atherdee:
McLoghlin 11

Dublin County
Barony of Balrothery:
Loghlin 09

1665  - Tyrone County Hearth Money Rolls

Omagh Barony
Longfield Parish:
Philip McLaughlin of Sopgaly
Edmond McLaughlin of Sopgaly

Drumra Parish:

Donold oge McLaughlin of Cullbuke

It is interesting what can be found online.  What did I find though?  I found part of the 1659 Census for Ireland that counts the instances of the surname McLaughlin and it's variants.  There are 15 in County Longford for the exact spelling of my family surname.
I am wondering if there is a possibility that I may be able trace my McLaughlin's from the past to the present.  Michael and Patrick McLaughlin immigrated to the U.S. around 1823.  Is there a way to use the 1659 Census of Ireland to find the McLaughlin's and link the family line together somewhere in the middle around 1790 to Thomas McLaughlin and his children Michael and Patrick?

To be continued...................

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