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Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Descendants of Thomas McLaughlin - Part 5

Patrick's oldest child was Elizabeth McLaughlin. She married Patrick Duffy in Newport, NY and moved onto Montello, WI, to raise her family. Her sister Rose Ann McLaughlin and husband, Patrick Reardon, must have been in the Montello, WI, location first. I see them having their first child there in 1851. Elizabeth's and Rose's cousin, Thomas Newman McLaughlin, also moved his wife, Ellen Daley, and family to Montello, WI. In fact, they were all there by 1855 when two McLaughlin children were born to Elizabeth and Thomas, each.

At this point, I do feel like I've got the story straight for the McLaughlin's but what about the Duffy's? I have Philip Duffy (b. 1833) married to Catherine Maxwell in Napa, CA. I have Patrick Duffy (b. 1817) married to Elizabeth McLaughlin in Montello, WI. In the middle connecting these families by marriage, is Catherine Maxwell's sister, Ellen Maxwell, married to Thomas Michael McLaughlin who was a cousin of Elizabeth McLaughlin of Montello. Were Philip and Patrick brothers? They all filtered through the Irish Settlement in Newport, New York. I am 99% certain of that. Also, another McLaughlin researcher advised me that the Duffy family of Newport, NY who immigrated from Ireland was quite large. They had many children. I wonder if a Duffy researcher already figured this one out. It is rather interesting. The possibility of this full connection would mean Newport, NY, Montello, WI, and Napa, CA, have more than just McLaughin's in common. There could be quite a few McLaughlin's, Maxwell's, and Duffy's all related to one another for these locations.

Another daughter of Patrick McLaughlin was Mary Ann McLaughlin who was married to Hugh Joseph Gartland. Hugh Joseph was my great-great-great (G3) grandmother's, Mary Ellen Gartland McLaughlin, brother. Mary Ann McLaughlin was my great-great-great grandfather's, James McLaughlin (married to Mary Ellen Gartland), cousin. Again, I really love these connections. They can get confusing but for now I have those family ties straight in my mind.

Another tidbit that I noticed along the way is about Hannah Gartland. She was a schoolteacher, school superintendent, college dean and a mystery writer. She is the third child of Mary Ann McLaughlin and Hugh Joseph Gartland. It would be fun to try and locate one of her novels.

1 Thomas McLaughlin............

   2 Patrick McLaughlin b: 1792 Parish of Edgeworthstown, Co. Longford, IRE,
      d: 06 Jul 1882 Newport, NY
      +Bridget Murtaugh b: 1799 Co. Cork, IRE
        m: 12 May 1828 Old St. John's Church, Utica, NY
        d: 10 Feb 1886 Norway, Herkimer Co., NY.

      3 Elizabeth McLaughlin b. 24 Feb 1829, Newport, NY.;
         d. 27 Jan 1899, Montello, Marquette Co., WI.
         +Patrick Duffy b: 31 Oct 1817 Co. Wicklow, Ireland
            m: 22 Feb 1852 St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Newport, NY
           d: 11 Sep 1897 Montello, WI

         4 Thomas Duffy b: c1855 Montello, WI

         4 Patrick Duffy b: 01 Mar 1857 in Montello, WI
            d: 06 Nov 1942 in Portage, WI

        4 Ellen Duffy b: c. 1859 in Montello, WI
           m: 07 Jan 1878 at St. John’s, Montello, WI
           +James Dalton

        4 Mary Duffy b: 27 Feb 1861 in Montello, WI
           d: bur. 23 Mar 1863, aged 2 Y. & 1 M Montello, WI.

       4 James Duffy b: c. 1863 in Montello, WI.

       4 Elizabeth Duffy b: Apr 1866 in Montello, WI
          d: bur. 23 May 1888, aged 22 Y. & 1 M Montello, WI.

      4 Peter Duffy b: 19 May 1868 in Montello, WI.; d. 03 Sep 1962 in Portage, WI
         +Margaret Shannon m: 18 Oct 1905 at St. John’s, Montello

      4 Rose Duffy b: 02 Jul 1871 in Montello, WI
         d: bur. 10 Jul 1871, aged 8 D Montello, WI

      4 Cecilia Duffy b: c. 1874 in Montello, WI

  3 Rose Ann McLaughlin b: 17 Mar 1830, Newport, NY
      d: 06 Oct 1912, Montello, WI
       +Patrick Riordan b. c. 1823 in IRE
          m: 24 Sep 1848 St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Newport, NY
          d: 1873 in Montello, WI

       4 Bridget Reardon b: c. 1851 Montello, WI d: 1881 bur. Montello, WI
          +Mr. Dalton m: 1870

       4 Elizabeth Reardon b: Mar 1854 in Montello, WI d: 1927 Montello, WI

       4 Ellen Reardon b: 1855/6 in Montello, WI.; d. 1928 Montello, WI

       4 Timothy Reardon b: Sep 1858 Montello, WI d: 1947 Montello, WI

       4 William Reardon b: Jul 1859 Montello, WI
          +Julia Callahan m. 27 Dec 1893 at St. John’s, Montello

       4 Mary A Reardon b: 1861 in Montello, WI d: 1935 Montello, WI

       4 Roseanne Reardon b: Jun 1867 in Montello, WI d: 1946 WI
          +John Callahan m. 27 Dec 1893 at St. John’s, Montello, WI

       4 Maurice Francis Reardon b: c. 1871 Montello, WI d: before 1912

    3 John McLaughlin b: 13 Apr 1832, Newport, NY d: bet. 1835 – 1840

   3 Mary Ann McLaughlin b: 23 Apr 1834, Newport, NY
      d: 29 Oct 1917 Buffalo, NY
      +Hugh Joseph Gartland b: Dec 1822 IRE
         m: 28 Nov 1850 St. Patrick's Church, Newport, NY
         d: 26 Feb 1905 at Attica, NY

       4 James A Gartland b: c. 1852 in Newport, NY d: after 1917 TX

      4 Elizabeth Gartland b: c. 1854 in Newport, NY.
         +M. Higgins Buffalo, NY

      4 Hannah Gartland b: c. 1855 in Newport, NY d: 06 Sep 1947 Snyder, NY

      4 Frances Gartland b: c. 1857 in Newport, NY d: 1932 Attica NY

      4 Mary L Gartland b: c. 1859 in Newport, NY d: 07 Jan 1928 Buffalo, NY

      4 George H Gartland b: c. 1861 in Newport, NY d: 1896 St. Louis, MO

      4 Ellen B Gartland b: May 1863 in Newport, NY d: 1940 Attica, NY

      4 Frank Gartland b: c. 1865 in Newport, NY d: after 1917 in the South

  3 Frances McLaughlin b: 28 Aug 1837, Newport, NY d: bef. 1840 Fed. Census.

  3 James Patrick McLaughlin b: 12 May 1839, Newport, NY
     d: 03 Nov 1929, Little Falls, NY
     +Bridget Tassell b: 05 Jan 1841 Kilkenney, Co. Mayo, IRE
       m: 12 Feb 1866 at St. Patrick’s Cath.Ch. in Newport, NY
       d: 27 Dec 1898 in Little Falls, Herkimer Co. NY

   4 William T McLaughlin b: 21 Dec1866, Norway, NY
       d: 09 Apr 1925 Little Falls, Herkimer Co. NY

       +Bridget Lynch b: 18 Feb 1878 in Newport
        m: 07 Nov 1894 at St. John’s Ch., Newport, NY
        d: 20 Dec 1915 at Little Falls, NY
      +Ella F Cotter b: 1881 m: 06 Aug 1917 d: 1966 in Little Falls, NY.

        McLaughlin/Lynch Child:
     5 James E McLaughlin b: 03 May 1908 Little Falls, NY
         d: 01 Mar 1989, Little Falls, NY

  4 Patrick F McLaughlin b: 02 Apr 1868, Norway, NY
     d: 09 Oct 1957 in Little Falls, NY
     +Julia A Murphy m: 02 Jun 1897 Salisbury Corners, Fulton Co. NY

  4 Anna Maria McLaughlin b: 15 Jun 1869 Norway, NY
     d: 12 Apr 1956 Little Falls, NY

  4 George Henry McLaughlin b: 18 Jan 1872 Norway, NY
      d: 03 May 1918 in Little Falls, NY

  4 John Joseph McLaughlin b: 04 Feb 1875 in Norway, NY
      d. 06 Oct 1952 in Yonkers, Westchester Co., NY
      +Mary Winfred McLaughlin (unrelated) b: 02 Dec 1878 in Salisbury, NY
        m: 14 Jun 1905 at St. Mary’s R.C.Ch., Little Falls, NY
        d: 06 Aug 1960 Tarrytown, Westchester Co. NY

   5 Margaret Anna McLaughlin b: 25 Apr 1906 in N.Y.C.
      d. Jun 1995 in Tarrytown, Westchester Co., NY
      +Dewitt Rosendale b: 21 Dec 1904 in N.Y.C
        d. 05 Jun 1991Tarrytown, NY

   5 Donald James McLaughlin b: 02 Sep 1908 in N.Y.C.
       d. 26 Jun 1976 in Utica, NY.
      +Mary Elizabeth Shepardson m: 02 Oct 1937

        6 Living McLaughlin's (undisclosed online)

    5 Frances Marie McLaughlin b: 17 Oct 1920 N.Y.C
       +Merrill Portman b: 26 Jun 1918 d: 26 Jun 1974

         6 Living Portman's (undisclosed online)

   4 Thomas Emmett McLaughlin b: 31 Dec 1877 Norway, NY
      d: 31 Dec 1934 in Little Falls
      +Kathryn J Pierce b: 1884 Tribes Hill, NY
         m: 16 Aug 1910 at St. Mary’s, Little Falls, NY
         d: 1944 Little Falls, NY

  3  Thomas McLaughlin  b:  17 May 1841  Newport, NY   d:  died young in NY

To be continued.................


  1. Thank you for all the work you put into this- I am descended from Ellen Duffy and James Dalton.

    Brian Chandler

    1. I am also a descended of Ellen and James Dalton. Thank you,
      Julie Phelps

  2. You are welcome. The Irish Settlement and the McLaughlin's are near and dear to me.