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Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Research Wishlist

Happy Thanksgiving! 

It also happens to be my birthday.   I thought that I'd put a genealogy wishlist out here given the occasion.   Maybe my husband will catch wind of it.


1.  Visit Tulocay Cemetery - Napa, CA
2.  Visit the Napa Valley Genealogical and Biographical Society
3.  Visit the Napa Historical Society
4.  Order and review the Moynalty Parish Records - LDS Film #0926176
 at the local LDS Family Library
5.  Complete my research at the California State Library
6.  Visit Newport, New York and the Surrounding Area
7.  Take a trip to Termonfechin, Ireland to include touring my other Irish Family origins
8.  Visit Austin/Grass Valley, Nevada by helicopter.  (I'd really rather not drive there.)
9.  Get together with my Aunt and Uncle to gather the Vienop and Borchers family tree information
10.  Go inside the Flanagan Ranch House in Carneros - (This is really my top choice right now!)
11.  Visit the Stanly Ranch as an authorized guest of Merryvale/Starmont Winery
12.  Have everyone who is connected to my tree send me what they've got!  This can be by simply taking digital photos of pages, documents, and other information.   I have plenty of room in my email.  I am an information gatherer and am not into owning the possessions myself.   Photos are worth a thousand words!
13.  Find my McGuire and Hickey ancestors
14.  Find my O'Brien's in Ireland and Australia
15.  Get writing a book or something like that......:-)

Always on my wishlist is to have fun with a sense of humor!

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