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Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Descendants of Thomas McLaughlin - Part 4

At the bottom of this family tree post, I have indicated Thomas Newman McLaughlin's and James McLaughlin's sister, Mary McLaughlin. She is indicated in the 1840 U.S. Census with her parents Michael and Marcella in Newport, New York but is not found after that. She probably got married. This is where it becomes difficult to find and trace female relatives. Her last name would have changed plus it is only assumed that her first name was Mary. The 1840 U.S. Census only indicated the head of the household's name and then indicated the gender and age range of the others in the household rather than their names. This makes it rather tricky to research full family units in the early census. By 1850, everyone in the household is listed with their full names in the U.S. Census.

This post also includes Libbie Drumm (Elizabeth McLaughlin) and her family line. She remained in the Village of Newport, NY, along with her brothers, Michael and Maurice, where she married and raised her own family. I would bet that there are some of her descendants still around in the local area but have yet to run across any in my research on At least, I have not run across any that I know of.

As for the baby of the family, Maurice E. McLaughlin, I have been in contact regularly since this past summer with one of his descendants. He is also a Maxwell. Maurice E. McLaughlin was married to Mary Ellen Maxwell. Maurice's older brother was my great-great grandfather, Thomas Michael McLaughlin. Mary Ellen Maxwell's aunt was my great-great grandmother, Ellen Maxwell. Thomas and Ellen, and Maurice and Mary Ellen, represent the two marriages between the McLaughlin and Maxwell families of Newport, Herkimer County, New York. I love this connection. It has been so interesting to connect with a relative who shares two family lines with me.

1  Thomas McLaughlin........2 Michael McLaughlin.......3 James McLaughlin..........

    4 Elizabeth McLaughlin b: Mar 1855, Newport, NY
       d: 20 Jul 1908, Newport NY
       +Owen Thomas Drumm b: 1848 in Schuyler, Herkimer Co. NY
          m: 24 Jun 1879 Newport NY d: 08 Jun 1893 in Newport, NY

       5 Mary Ellen (Minnie) Drumm b: 28 Mar 1881, Newport, NY
          d: Herkimer, NY
      5 Margaret Drumm b: 14 Jul 1882, Newport, NY
         d: 03 Sep 1920 in Newport, NY’
         +Maurice J. Ahern b: 15 Mar 1876 in IRE
         m: 19 Jun 1906 Newport NY d: 31 Jul 1942 in Newport, NY.

         6 Eileen G. Ahern b: 11 Apr 1907, Newport, NY
            d. 21 Oct 1973, Newport, NY
            +Harold H. Danks b: 07 Mar 1910, Newport NY
            m. 29 Jun 1940 in Newport NY d: 07 Aug 1963, Newport, NY.

            7 Elizabeth Danks b: prob. in Newport, NY
               +Gilbert Haver

          6 Elizabeth Ahern b: 14 Mar 1910, Newport, NY
             d: 30 Nov 1989 at Convent Sta., NJ
             +John Ervin m: c. 1940

          6 Margaret Ahern b: about 1912, Newport, NY
             d: after 1973
             +Robert Smith m. Lived in Santa Rosa CA

          6 Owen Ahern b: about 1915
             +Hazel m: 1938 New York City

          6 Mary Ahern possibly b. 01 Jul 1917, Newport, NY d: by 1973

         6 Kathleen Ahern b: 06 Aug 1920, Newport, NY
            d: Feb 1979 at Malvern, Chester Co., PA
            +Charles Fennimore m: 11 Aug 1945 in Newport, NY

     5 James Francis Drumm b: 07 Jul 1887, Newport, NY
        d: 20 May 1935 in Ilion, NY
        +Margaret Daly m: 16 Oct 1922 in Little Falls, NY

     5 Elizabeth Drumm b: Apr 1890, Newport, NY
        d: Dec 1954 Indianapolis, IN

     5 John McLaughlin Drumm b:. 08 Jul 1891, Newport, NY
        d: 12 Oct 1917

  4 Maurice E. McLaughlin b: 01 Sep 1857 Newport, NY
     d: 22 Dec 1938, Clinton, MA
     +Mary Ellen Maxwell b: 31 Oct 1862 Newport, New York
      m: 14 Oct 1878 Newport, New York d: 10 May 1917 Ilion, New York

     5 Louise Mary McLaughlin b: 2 Mar 1883, Newport, New York
        d: 12 May 1977, Clinton, MA

     5 Dennis James McLaughlin b: 2 Mar 1888, Schuyler, New York
        d: 15 May 1947, Ilion, New York
        +Clara Elizabeth Lynch b: 12 Apr 1888 Middleville, New York
         m: 8 May 1912, Middleville, New York d: 4 Mar 1974 Huntsville, AL

        6 Living McLaughlin's (undisclosed online)

     5 Rose B McLaughlin b: 19 Feb 1904, Newport, New York
        d: 4 Jun 1952, Clinton MA

3 Mary McLaughlin b: bet. 1810 - 1820, in IRE

My next post includes the basics that I have of Patrick McLaughlin's family tree.  He is Michael McLaughlin's brother who's father was our original ancestor, Thomas McLaughlin.

To be continued..............


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