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Friday, November 19, 2010

Thomas Michael McLaughlin - Death Certificate

Another document that is contained in my box of treasures is my great-great-grandfather's death certificate.  He was Thomas Michael McLaughlin.  He was born in Newport, New York; lived several years in Austin/Grass Valley, Lander County, Nevada; and moved to Napa, CA in 1886 where he spent the rest of his life.  I know very little about him.  I don't even have a photo of him. 

Below is his death certificate.  I know that once Thomas and Ellen "Maxwell" McLaughlin were in Napa, CA, that times were good and then not so good.  They are buried in unmarked graves at Tulocay Cemetery in Napa, CA.  Their daughter, Catherine McLaughlin, is also buried next to them.  Another researcher indicated that their unmarked graves are behind/near Julia Lorenz's grave site.

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