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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Coughlin's - Part 1

Ask and you shall receive......Yes, I asked for some Coughlin information and received some in return from a cousin.  Again, I will thank her here.  Information on this side of my family has been slow in showing itself in the past year.  Waiting has paid off.  Also, the generosity and willingness of other family members to share has proven itself worth the subscription. 

I must admit that networking online is rewarding but can be tricky.  One must ask if you found the correct information.  When it comes to my Coughlin's, it would appear that the information that has been shared with me indicates a 99% certainty of having found the correct Coughlin's in County Clare, Ireland.  That said, more information is definitely needed.   A great help would be to have Johanna Coughlin Hickey's death certificate.  I may need to retrieve that soon knowing that it might take as long as 6 months to receive a reply from the State of New York and/or New York City.  I wonder if there is a quicker way.

The Clare Heritage Centre completed some brief research on my Coughlin Family in Ireland.  Johanna Coughlin's parents were Anne McMahon and Daniel Coughlin.  Johanna's family can be found in Ballyvannan, County Clare, Ireland.  What is interesting is that while they do seem to have found Johanna's mother's family (Anna McMahon Coughlin), the previous generations of Coughlin's are not as definite as the McMahon's.  I wonder where the Coughlin's originate.  It would appear that I have more research to complete on the Coughlin line.

In the 1901 Irish Census, I can clearly find Johanna with her family below......Oh, and I did not remove the McMahon's with which they are sandwiched in between as indicted in the actual Census.  The document below can be clicked on to open it larger in another window.
I must note here that the location on this Census is right where I'd expect to find them living in 1901 based off  Bodyke Church Records, Ballyvannan, Clare.

To be continued.......................

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