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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hickey and Minogue - Part 1

"Wait awhile" are words that were spoken in such a calming, patient way by a very patient and wise man.  My grandpa, Richard "Dick" Flanagan, was just that man.  When it comes to my life including my family tree, I try to keep these words in the forefront of my mind.  I am not the most patient person to begin with but let's just say, if I pause and heed these wise words, I have the best results.  Ode to the wise words of the patient soul.

The recent results of being patient and waiting awhile have turned up some great and true information about my Hickey side of the family.  Eureka!  I can't say that I found it but my father's cousin did.  I continue to be amazed at how many people seek their ancestors.  Of the many people on my Hickey side of the family, I finally did find someone who seriously sought our family line.  This person is still a living relative, of whom I have never met, yet she willingly shared her information with me.  I thank her for that.  I hope to now grab on and go with what she has found.  It may be a long road as it has been challenging to find information on this side of the family.  The information that she found is a true treasure to behold.

I must admit to having requested the marriage certificate of Patrick Hickey and Johanna Coughlin (my great grandparents) from the State of New York but to no avail.  As it turns out, there may have never been one to begin with.  While they were certainly married in the eyes of the Roman Catholic Church, they may not have filed their marriage legally with the local municipality which would have certainly been the practice by 1911 in Rye, New York.  In the eyes of God, they were married for sure.  I do have that church record.

Another record of great interest that provides some accurate sourcing for my family tree, is the death certificate for Patrick F. Hickey.   I now have a copy of his death certificate.  I've read over the document several times to absorb the information presented.  And, yes, his parents names are clearly indicated.

To be continued.................

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