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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Minogue - Are they Irish from Galway? - Part 1

Yet another branch of my family tree has revealed itself to me.  I love it when networking with people online works and works and works.  My father's cousin, who I've never met but found online, mailed me her research.  Again, I have to thank her right here for sharing.  It is a beautiful thing.

I now know Patrick Hickey's parents names and 12 of his 13 siblings names, baptismal dates, and the sponsors of each of the baptisms.  I also have Patrick's birth registration record for Ireland and his parents' Roman Catholic Church marriage record.  Yes, it is a copy of the real book entry.  It is a golden treasure of mine.

So William Hickey and Bridget Minogue were my great great grandparents.  William was from Loughatorick, Clare, Ireland.  Bridget was from Derrycon, Clare, Ireland.  Both of those location may have actually been inside what was considered County Galway at one time.  The border of Clare and Galway shifted in this area by 1869.  Boy is that confusing.  It also makes it harder to find the parish records.  Do you ask the Clare Heritage Centre or Galway?  Which county is Whitegate, Mountshannon, Derrycon, Loughatorick, Woodford, and the like around the border in?  Clare?  Galway?  At different times each may have been in both.  Does that make sense?

While I have most certainly not exhausted my research on my Hickey Family Tree, I am now very curious about the Minogue's.   Hickey is a very common Irish surname.  When you try to find Hickey's in Clare, you will find them and wonder if the name is more like Smith in the U.S.  The Minogue name on the other hand is a much narrower pocket of research.

Some of the research completed on Bridget Minogue by the Clare Heritage Centre does trail off a bit to indicate that Bridget's father while indicated as Thady Minogue might actually have been Tim or Timothy.  I'm not sure that I agree and am left wondering on that one.  They couldn't apparently find the Minogue's in Griffith's Valuation.  Were they only looking in County Clare?

When I Google Minogue's online for County Galway, I get what appears to be an exact hit against a website for the Griffith's Valuation.

Griffiths Valuation of Ireland - Inishcaltra, County Galway
Minogue Thaddeus Mountshannon Inishcaltra Galway

It does not get much better than that if I do say so myself.  Thaddeus Minogue is listed in Mountshannon, Inishcaltra, Galway (which might actually be in County Clare these days).

To be continued....................................

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