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Friday, June 17, 2011

Minogue - Are they Irish from Galway? - Part 2

Minogue, Minnock, and O'Minogue are all versions of the Minogue surname.  The name derives from the Irish word for a monk.  The name originated in East County Clare and the townland of Ballyminogue in the parish of Tuamgraney.  The surname could be linked to the name Mannix from the diminutive of "Manach", monk. 

This basic heraldry information about the name Minogue does really get me started on a path of research for my Minogue family line.  If I look for Ballyminogue online, I find it right near Scariff.  Below is a map that I created online of the locations where I have found my Hickey's, Minogue's, Browne's, and Hayes'.


I think that I am beginning to really like the mapping.  Along with photos, maps like this that mark my ancestors' locations are wonderful.  I'll have to try my hand at more.  Maps give a perspective that truly interests me.

To be continued..................

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