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Monday, June 27, 2011

Coughlin's - Part 2

The Bodyke RC Church Records have two generations of families indicated in the research that they provided about the Coughlin's.  In actuality, even the church records are more about the McMahon's living in "Revail".

I tried to pinpoint the Coughlin’s location on a map with the “Revail” name listed in the research.  Based on my experience in researching Irish genealogy and locations, Revail may have been the title/name of the property at which they lived.   I am getting that based on my Flanagan’s property address in Louth, Ireland (even today).  It looks like the researcher in Ireland thought and noted the same thing.

The more I map things and look the information over, I am beginning to think that the Coughlin’s address might have been Revail, Caherhurly, Ballyvannan, Clare, Ireland, or something like that, in the Parish of Taumgraney/Tomgraney.  I am thinking that the Coughlin’s were related to their McMahon neighbors, Anna McMahon Coughlin’s family.   The neighbor’s before and after the Coughlin’s are McMahon’s in the Census headed by Daniel McMahon and Patrick McMahon.  They, or McMahon relatives, are found in the 1855 Griffith’s Valuation for Ballyvannan, Tomgraney Parish, Scariff Union, County Clare.  This is stretching things a bit but I think I am on the right track if I try to find the McMahon’s.  

I found this other old map online at Link to Ballyvannan Townland Info, that I need to spend more time looking at.  I can clearly see the Bodyke RC Chapel on the map.  I’m still working on getting my bearing in this area.  I wonder how many generations of McMahon's lived in "Revail", Ballyvannan, Clare, Ireland?

I think that I am off and running.....................To be continued.............

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