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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hickey and Minogue - Part 2

It is funny how some people utitlize the information found on other people's family trees on  I continue to be amazed at how people just grab on to a name on a tree and make it their own.  To each his or her own but don't you want it to be correct?

I looked at my Hickey Family Tree online the other day to find a person connecting into my Patrick Hickey and Johanna Coughlin.  This person was indicating that my great grandparents were the parents of a Mary Anne Hickey on their tree who was born in 1935, Ontario, Canada.  Well, I hate to break the news to her but my Hickey's did not go to Canada.  Anyway, if that person actually bothered to look at the sourcing for Patrick and Johanna that they borrowed from me, they will see no relation to their Mary Anne.  I can see this on Member Connect on if you are wondering.  That would be the wrong Mary Hickey!

Back to Patrick Hickey.....I now have his death certificate.  There is a lot to absorb.  The address of 25 Charles Street, New York, New York rings so true.  That is his last known address.  My father walked us by this location in 1990 in Greenwich Village.  He spent his first grade year living in this location with his grandparents during the week.  He was a bit young to start first grade so his parents sent him to the city for Catholic School a full year early.  As a result, my father spent his first year of school living with Patrick and Johanna Hickey on the weekdays.  He used to talk about those days.

Below is the certificate with so much information including his parents........

To be continued.......................

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