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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thankful Thursday, June 23, 2011

Here again I'd like to give thanks to all of those who have shared their information with me.  I hope that I don't leave anyone out.

I thank my McLaughlin and Maxwell cousin's for all they have shared.  I hope that you know who you are.  Since you are all living, somewhat distant, relatives, I will leave your names off this post for privacy reasons.  I could never have gotten so far without all of your help.

Thank you to my Flanagan's.  You found us and then we visited you in Ireland.  What an amazing collection of information including letters.  When people ask me if I know where my ancestors are from in Ireland, I say, "...for the most part".  Then I add that I know the precise, exact location of where my Flanagan's are from.....They are still there.  The family has been in the same location for generations going back to 1773.  Almost 240 years later, you can still walk where Richard Flanagan (1733-1808) created his farm, made a living, and raised his family.  That location continues to be a living part of my family history with my grandfather's second cousin, a dairy farm and all.  What a special place and family connection!

I thank my Hickey relative who shared with me Hickey and Minogue information.  Without her information, I would never have known that I am a Minogue, Hayes,  and a Browne.  That same relative has indicated that she does have some Coughlin information.  I can't wait to see it.  I thank her for all that she has shared and hope to continue with the research on this line and share more "discoveries" with her.

My Borchers and Vienop line is being researched and has been for quite a long time by my aunt and uncle.  I thank them both for all of the information that they have shared including photos, stories, and the family tree.

Do I have more people to thank?  I am sure that I do.  I know of at least one Fox and a Shaffrey distant relative of whom I owe thanks for sharing the information that they have.

Thank you to all who have contributed to my research.

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