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Monday, November 29, 2010

Request A Post!

In my quest to trace my family tree and document everything here online in my blog/diary/repository/library, I wonder if others are reading this and have questions.   My small audience may even want more information explained to them about who I'm talking about in my posts.   The need to revisit some of my old posts may also be out there.  

I am putting this quick post out here with an offer to "Request A Post!".  I am more than willing to revisit information about the Flanagan's, McLaughlin's, Maxwell's, Gartland's, Shaffrey's, Fox's, and any of my other family surnames indicated on this blog under the surname page.  Also, I am more than willing to write more about Napa, CA, Ireland, or even the Irish Settlement in Newport, New York.   I can also answer questions that anyone has about my family line keeping in mind that my goal is not to discuss living individuals.

If you would like to "Request A Post!", please do so by commenting on this post or by signing my guestbook.


  1. Do you have any information on the Gartlans from Carrick Macross that settled in Ontario Canada?

  2. Hello, I don't think I have any Gartlan's from from Canada. Have you checked out this blog....