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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Joseph Patrick Maxwell and Family - Part 4

Joseph Patrick Maxwell and Judith Shaffrey Maxwell had eight children by my account and research.  I know that other information may indicate that they had seven children but I find eight.  Their children are as follows: 1.  Dennis Maxwell      -b. 16 Jun 1839, Moynalty, Meath, Ireland      -m. Mary W. Ward (b. 1847, New York)         --Their children were Mary Ellen Maxwell McLaughlin, James Maxwell,            Judith Maxwell, Dennis Maxwell, and Catherine Maxwell.      -m. Mary J. (b. 1852) in 1880 in New York        --Their son was Albert John Maxwell      -d. 1907, Newport, New York    2.  Mary Maxwell      -b. 17 Mar 1838      -m. 1858 in New York to Alexander Gray        --Their children were Alexander, John S., and Jane Gray      -d. 1920 3.  James Maxwell      -b. 27 Sep 1841, Moynalty, Meath, Ireland      -m. Mary A. O'Connor        --Their children were Anna, Mary, Dennis G., Joseph Patrick, and Kate Maxwell      -d. 1922, Newport, New York 4.  Ellen M. Maxwell (My great-great grandmother)      -b. 22 Mar 1846, Moynalty, Meath, Ireland      -m. 5 Jan 1869, Newport, New York to Thomas McLaughlin (b. 1840, Newport, NY)       --Their children were Mary (Minnie) E. "Flanagan", Ellen M. "Heflin", Catherine W.,           Joseph Maxwell, Anna Agnes "Lewis", Thomas Shaffrey, and Hugh Robert McLaughlin           (Names in quotes are these ladies' married surnames.)       -d. Sep 1928, Napa, CA 5.  Catherine "Katie" Maxwell      -b. 5 Jul 1849, Moynalty, Meath, Ireland      -m. 15 Oct 1872, Austin, Nevada to Philip G. Duffy       --Their children were Ellen, Philip, Dennis, Owen Michael, and Agnes Anne Duffy.      -d. Napa, CA 6.  Judith "Julia" Maxwell      -b. 15 Jun 1851, Moynalty, Meath, Ireland 7.  Bedelia Maxwell      -b. 12 Dec 1852, Moynalty, Meath, Ireland 8.  Ann Maxwell      -b. 1854, Schuyler, New York      -d. 1886, Newport, New York Sourcing: 1. Herkimer County Historical Society Files 2. 1875 Census (probably for the state of NY) 3. St. John's Church Records (Newport, New York) 4. 1865 Census (probably for the state of NY) 5. 1870 Census (probably U.S. Census) 6. Maxwell/Flanagan Family Records 7. Moynalty Parish Records - LDS Film #0926176 8. Owen M. Duffy Family Records 9. Austin, Nevada Church Records 10. Joseph Patrick Maxwell and Rebecca O'Harriet had two children by my account and research.  Joseph married Rebecca sometime after Judith passed away.  Their children are as follows: 1.  Sarah Maxwell      -b. 1869, New York 2.  John Maxwell      -b. 1870, New York       I find it interesting that I have one family tree worksheet that has only James, Dennis, Ellen, Judith, Ann, and Catherine listed as children of Joseph and Judith Maxwell.  This must be an early worksheet possibility one that Ellen Flanagan worked on. The second worksheet that I come across in my box of treasures is one that was completed by a McLaughlin researcher.  His information is sourced.  It is more complete than some of my other information. In working on my Maxwell family line, I realize that I do lack information about this family tree.  Armed with a renewed understanding of this family line and where information may be missing, I am headed back to reading the notes by Alice V. Maxwell Knutty.  I also have a letter written by Anne Gray Glover.  She and Ellen Flanagan knew each other and were cousins.  They had visited as children and adults.  Anne's letter is now starting to make more sense to me as are Ellen Flanagan's letters. To be continued........................

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