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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Descendants of James Maxwell - Part 5

1  James Maxwell..............2  Joseph Patrick Maxwell...........

  3 Catherine Maxwell  b: 7 Jul 1849 Parish of Moynalty, Co. Meath, Ireland
     d: Napa, CA
     +Philip S Duffy b: 1833 Ireland m: 15 Oct 1872 Austin, Nevada
       d: 21 Apr 1915 Napa, CA

       4 Ellen Duffy b: 19 Dec 1874 Austin, Nevada
          d: Before 1920 Napa, CA
          +Thomas S Malloy b: 9 Jul 1868 Nevada
             d: 28 Nov 1943 Napa, CA

           5  Philip Thomas Malloy b: 5 Apr 1910
               d: 1 Feb 1978 Napa, CA

           5  Thomas E Malloy b: 28 Feb 1911 Napa, CA
               d: 22 Jan 1941 San Francisco, CA

               6 Living Malloy's (Unknown/undisclosed online)

        4  Philip J Duffy b: 11 Oct 1876 Lander County, NV
            d: 2 Feb 1942 Napa, CA

        4  Dennis M Duffy b: 25 Apr 1879 Nevada
            d: 16 May 1944 San Francisco, CA
            +Mary b: abt 1880 Nevada

        4  Owen Michael Duffy b: 15 Nov 1884 Nevada
            d: 7 Nov 1953 Napa, CA
            +Mary E b: abt 1885 Texas

            5  Owen Duffy b: 26 Nov 1909 Napa, CA 
                d:  28 May 1994  Napa, CA

            5  Philip G Duffy b: 25 Feb 1914 Napa, CA
                d: 29 Oct 2000 Palo Alto, CA

        4 Agnes Anne Duffy b: 1 Sep 1892 Austin, NV

It took me quite a while to piece together where the Malloy's fit in with my Maxwell/Duffy cousins.  I finally figured it out on  Ellen Duffy was their mother and she must have died rather young.  I find her son's living with their grandparents out at the Duffy Ranch in Napa circa 1910. populates the family tree incorrectly off the U.S. Census mixing and matching the grandchildren with one of their uncles.  It took me a while to figure that mistake out.  Once I fixed it, I had to figure out who the Malloy's mother was.  It was Ellen Duffy.

I find myself in a bit of quandary when it comes to the Duffy's.  I have limited information about the actual members of the family tree.  The line on looks very incomplete.  I know that there are still Malloy's living in Napa.  I've been hoping to bump into a Duffy or Malloy researcher on  They did research their tree.  At least one descendant visited with my grandfather years ago about the family connection.  He gave my grandfather Duffy/Maxwell information.  I think my mom went to high school with a Malloy, too!

So where do I go from here on the Maxwell/Duffy line?  I have information but am not sure about the family line.  I also have some very strong evidence that the Duffy's connect to Newport, New York and the Irish Settlement.  I also think that some Duffy's moved to Montello, WI and married into the McLaughlin line that went there too. 

Will a Duffy or Malloy researcher please stand up?  I hope to find one someday.  I do know that there is a Duffy descendant still probably living at the Duffy property in Napa.  Maybe I should quit being so shy and write them a letter.  There is definitely more information to discover here.

To be continued................

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