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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Descendants of James Maxwell - Part 1

I have recently been reviewing and blogging about every piece of information that I've been given that possibly connects to my Maxwell's.  What that can mean is that I don't have full discovery until I finish going through everything but I do blog and take notes along the way.  Let's just say that posts produced at the beginning of this month with questions about the family line may have the answer in some later reading and research that I've finally gotten to later in the month.

Blogging as I go is basically my discovery process with anyone reading getting the benefit or the disadvantage of missing information depending on how you look at it and when you read this.  My method does propel me forward though.

Mid-September, a Maxwell/McLaughlin researcher sent me a document with the Descendants of James Maxwell.  I've now had the opportunity to review the document, update my family tree on, and blog about it.  Sometimes this can be no small task. However, I fully enjoy this discovery process about my Maxwell Family line.

In my attempt to share my Maxwell line with anyone who is connected to the line, including my Mom, I am borrowing a format from a Flanagan researcher.  The format does work best maybe in a Word Document but I am going to give it a try here and then transcribe it into Word for my Mom.

We will see how it goes.

To be continued...............

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