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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Joseph Patrick Maxwell and Family - Part 5

Help!  The previous post of this series about Joseph Patrick Maxwell and Family took me quite a while to piece together.  I also made an attempt to update the information that is contained on my family tree on  Unfortunately, my tree online is far from perfect.  Of course, let's not let 'perfect' be the enemy of all the good. 

I will be hitting up some of my researchers for help in being my fact checkers and providing any updates to the information contained in my posts about the Maxwell's.  I do get lost sometimes with all of the same/similar names attached to the Maxwell family units.  I have the same challenges for my other family lines.  The Maxwell's loved the names Dennis, Mary, James, Joseph, Judith, Catherine, and Maxwell, of course.

Currently, I intentially have Anne Gray listed as a child for Mary Maxwell Gray and Alexander Gray because I do not know which son is her father.  She is actually a grandchild of Mary and Alexander.  Because I have a letter written by her, I wanted to place her on the tree and attach the letter.  Hopefully, I can determine which of the sons is her father.

Her letter is quite informative.

Anne T. Glover
3382 Aeon Rd.
Rock Creek Farm
Geneseo, NY 14454

May 22, 1978

Dear Owen (Duffy),

I enjoyed hearing from you but regret at this point that I can contribute very little to the Duffy history.

I remember you grandmother - Katie Duffy (Catherine Maxwell Duffy) visiting us in Rush with her sister Ellen (Maxwell) McLaughlin.  At the time I was too young to be interested in family history.

My grandmother was Mary Maxwell Gray.  I believe I met you when I was in California in the summer of 1949 when I was invited to dinner at your parents home at the State Farm with Ellen (Minnie) McLaughlin (nee Maxwell).

I have the Maxwell Family of Joseph and Judith Shaffrey as being married September 24, 1834 and registered in the records of Moynalty, County Meath, Ireland, which is about 40 miles north and west of Dublin.

To be continued............

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