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Monday, October 4, 2010

Joseph Patrick Maxwell and Family - Part 6

Anne Gray's letter continued.......

Ellen Flanagan copied the birthdate of the children as follows ---

Dennis born June 16, 1836
Mary     "     March 17, 1938 (should be 1838) - not registered
James   "     Sept. 27, 1941 (should be 1841)
         Served in our Civil War - fought in Battle of Anthi...? 92nd Bull Run
Ellen born March 22, 1846
Julia     "   June 12, 1851
Anne    "    ----------------
Delia    "   Dec 12, 1852

John a half brother born in this country by a second wife- had 2 sons lived in Whitisboro N. Y. - outside of Utica.

The Maxwells arrived in Herkimer N.Y. with no money and seven children.  I understand they settled in Herkimer Co. because it is Dairy Country and that was what the knew as County Meath was also dairy country.

Great grandfather Maxwell was suppoed to have been a school teacher in Ireland.

The children all married local people and most all lived in town in Herkimer Co - Moslty on Dairy Farms - Middleport - Fairfield - Newport etc. Little Falls etc.

I have a list of most of their wifes and husbands - and children.  I will send it if I get it finish.  I expect to spend some time in Herkimer County this fall and will do some investigating - cemeteries etc.   I have found New York State record very poor to 1970.  I will try the census records again.

I hope I have caused you more confusion.  I have a lot of information on most all.

So good to hear from you.

Most Sincerely
(Mrs. Maxwell H. G....?)  I am a widow - no children.

Some parts of Anne's letter are hard to make out.  I suppose that when she wrote it, she was getting up there in years.  The list of children for Joseph and Judith does not include Catherine Maxwell Duffy's information.  I am assuming that since she is mentioned earlier in the letter and that this was written to Catherine's son, Owen, that she knew or assumed that Owen already had his mother's information.

I am unable to make out the Civil War Battle information.  I am no expert on that war and tried to locate a possible match online.  Maybe someone has more information about that.

I am still at a loss to who Anne Gray's father was.  He's one of two Gray brothers, John or Alexander.

Another interesting tidbit that I discovered in this letter is that Ellen Maxwell McLaughlin must have went by the nickname of Minnie.  Her oldest daughter, Mary Elizabeth McLaughlin Flanagan, also went by the nickname of Minnie.  I hope that this might solve some confusion out there for my fellow researchers.....and me too!

To be continued.................


  1. Hello Addie, Yes, I am positive that Anne Gray is talking about Middleville and Whitesboro. I will post her actual letter online here in one of my future blog posts. Thanks for posting here. I peeked at your blog and can't believe that you lost your writings. I am very interested in hearing about "Addie" in the late 1800s in Newport, New York. Have you had a chance to review my info about that area? It's all on my Maxwell/McLaughlin page and posts.