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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Descendants of James Maxwell - Part 2

Descendants of James Maxwell

(If you find this online, are related, and would like it sent to you as a Word Document, please comment on the blog post and provide an email address, thank you.  If you happen to be a McLaughlin or a Flanagan also, I have information on those lines too.)

1 James Maxwell b: 1786 in Scotland, d: Unknown

   2 Joseph Patrick Maxwell b: 9 May 1812 (or 1815), Shancarnan,
      Co. Meath, Ireland, 31 Jan 1899 Newport, New York
      +Judith Shaffrey b: 1817, Parish of Moynalty, Co. Meath, Ireland,
         m: 24 Sep 1834, Moynalty, Meath, Ireland
         d: 6 Jun 1865 Newport, New York
      +Rebecca O'Harriet b: abt 1835, Ireland; d: Newport, New York

      Maxwell/Shaffrey Children:
      3 Dennis Maxwell b: 16 Jun 1836 Parish of Moynalty, Co. Meath, Ireland
         d: 1907 Newport, New York
         +Mary Ward b: 1847, New York d: 27 Mar 1876 Newport, New York
         +Mary Dunn b: 1852
         Maxwell/Ward Children:
         4 Mary Ellen Maxwell b: 31 Oct 1862 Newport, New York
            d: 10 May 1917 Ilion, New York
            +Maurice E McLaughlin b: 1 Sep 1857 Newport, New York
              m: 14 Oct 1878, Newport, New York
              d: 22 Dec 1938 Clinton, MA
              5 Louise Mary McLaughlin b: 2 Mar 1883, Newport, New York
                 d: 12 May 1977, Clinton, MA

             5 Dennis James McLaughlin b: 2 Mar 1888, Schuyler, New York
                d: 15 May 1947, Ilion, New York
                +Clara Elizabeth Lynch b: 12 Apr 1888 Middleville, New York
                   m: 8 May 1912, Middleville, New York
                   d: 4 Mar 1974 Huntsville, AL

                   6 Living McLaughlin's (undisclosed online)

             5 Rose V McLaughlin b: 19 Feb 1904, Newport, New York
                d: 4 Jun 1952, Clinton MA

          4 James Maxwell b: 1868 Newport, New York d: 1948 Newport, New York
             +Mary Clark
             +Margaret E. Reardon b: 1878, d: 1978

             Maxwell/Clark Children:
             5 Nellie Maxwell b: 1 Sep 1891, Newport, New York
                d: Feb 1963, New York
                +John Leo McNamara b: 28 Mar 1891 New York d: Sep 1962

                6 James Francis McNamara b: 23 Mar 1922
                   d: 15 Dec 1998 Clinton, New York
                   +Santina Sergi b: 16 Nov 1925 d: 1997 Oriskany Falls, NY

                   7 Living McNamara's (Undisclosed online)

               6 Mary Theresa McNamara b: 18 May 1929 Oriskany Fall, NY
                  d: Jan 1986 Utica, New York
                  +Mark Connors

                  7 Living McNamara's (Undisclosed online)

             5 Irene J Maxwell b: 1 Feb 1897 Newport, New York
                d: Dec 1977 Utica, New York

             Maxwell/Reardon Children:
             5 Mary K Maxwell b: 1902 New York d: 1978
                +Clark Bowen

             5 Dennis Reardon Maxwell b: 1906 Newport, New York d: 1944
                +Doris b: 1909 Newport, New York

                6 James Maxwell
                   +Mary Lee m: 1951

                   7 Living Maxwell’s (undisclosed online)

                6 Edward Maxwell b: abt 1927

             5 James F Maxwell b: abt 1905 New York

             5 Gertrude H Maxwell b: 1907
                +Raymond Santmire

             5 Louise Maxwell b: 1908 d: 1983
                +Albert Carney

             5 Grace M Maxwell b: abt 1909
                +Victor Carney

             5 Alice V Maxwell b: 11 Apr 1910 New York
                d: 23 Jun 2008 New Hartford, Oneida, New York
                +John Knutty

             5 Florence Maxwell b: abt 1911 New York
                +Mike Wilson

             5 Donald Maxwell b: 3 Jun 1920 d: 1986 Newport, New York

          4 Judith Maxwell b: abt 1869 Newport, New York

          4 Dennis Maxwell b: Aug 1872 Newport, New York d: 1922
             +Julia K Shaffery

          4 Catherine Maxwell b: 4 Apr 1874 d: 25 Nov 1875

          Maxwell/Dunn Children:
          4 Albert Maxwell b: 16 Aug 1882 New York d: 1931

If anyone has additional information or updates for the Dennis Maxwell and Mary Ward/Mary Dunn line, feel free to contact me by commenting on this post.  Again, I have left off living individuals online.  I have some information about the living descendants directly from one who is a Maxwell/McLaughlin.  We can always use more information.

Continued in the next post............

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