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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Maria Luise Katharine Vienop - Mary Borchers - My Great Grandmother - Part 3

Why did Mary Vienop Borchers move west to Napa, California?  Mary's mother, Anna Marie, was not a healthy woman.  She almost died of pneumonia one year.  Her doctor told her to move onto to a better climate.  The family actually sent for information about California.  Mary's Uncle Ernest (her father's brother) went ahead to check things out in Napa.

Mary and her family made the trip to California by train.  Once they arrived in Napa, they lived with Mr. and Mrs. Elmire on East Avenue.  The family group who came from Nebraska were as follows:

1.  John Henry Vienop (Mary's father)
2.  Anna Marie Koch Vienop (Mary's mother)
3.  Ernest Vienop (Mary's brother)
4.  Mary Vienop Brorchers
5.  Henry Vienop (Mary's brother)
6.  Minnie Vienop (Mary's sister)
7.  Uncle Ernest Vienop (Brother of John Henry Sr.)
8.  Cousin Ernest Vienop (Cousin of John Henry Sr.)
9.  Ricky Vienop (Wife of Cousin Ernest)
10.  George Vienop (Son of Cousin Ernest and Ricky) b. Sep 1900 in Daykin, NE

The group arrived in Napa, California, in February 1901.  On their first night in Napa, they stayed at the Revere House across from the court house on Second Street.  The next day they moved to the Elmire residence on East Avenue.  The family moved to Laurel Street shortly there after.  At the time, Laurel Street was known as Lynn Street.

On May 27, 1901, Alma Vienop was born at the house on Laurel Street.  She died there on February 9, 1904.  It was at this point in time that the Vienop Plot was purchased at Tulocay Cemetery for $27.50.  Another girl was stillborn on May 1, 1909.  Anna Marie, Mary's mother, died on January 2, 1915 at the age of 49 years from a kidney ailment.

To be continued........

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